November 19,20-8pm

“a work in progress” minus a couple dancers @Fusionworks studios.

November 19,20-8pm at Sapinsley hall , Rhode island college

$25 admission, $20 seniors/college students

RIC box office 401.456.8144  Fusionworks 401.946.0607

@fusionworks studio rehearsal-right now


Bixit @AS220 Friday oct,8 2010

@ AS220 9 pm $6

Vudu Bevy, Bixit, Dusty Frames, and Anne’s Cordial

Vudu Bevy is an energetic five piece lineup. They love playing music. Garagey rock music.

Dusty Frames are an instrumental duo using looping to craft a live sound that resembles an entire ensemble.

Anne’s Cordial is Jazz, Blues, Folk music. Guitar, Harp, and Keyboard. Ch




Aug 16 2010 scope over F

download scope over F

This jam was fun and warped n worth a listen.  Re imagined scope and 1 over f.

AS220 gig gets thumbs up

thanks for a great show everybody.

listen to the  set:

song links:

01_1 over F

02_Jackson Hole

03_Niger delta air


05_Bacon subscription

06_Tyrone’s theme

plumage flyer

bixit! AK47